Monday, January 30, 2012

Nuts? Indeed.

Do you realize that buying a decent steak in the store is cheaper than buying a pound of pistachios?  Now granted a pound of the nuts will last longer than a steak...with me, not a lot longer though.  But which is more satisfying...I'm going red meat baby.

In recent months, I have been consuming a lot of pistachios. You see, I've given up my beloved ring dings and yodels for this somewhat healthier eating option. Reluctantly I've come to realize that my sweets are no more than an apple in the Garden of Eden.  Choose them and you won't be banished...but you will be fat. I hate when that happens.  I gotta tell you though, they were a lot cheaper option...and tastier.

Eating pistachios is another thing.  I keep breaking fingernails, the outer skin gets all over everything and they don't really taste like much.  Still I eat them.  Can't figure out why I have developed this sudden addiction to them.

It's a bit nuts, don't you think?

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